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Empower your Business with GIS

Real Data . Real Geography . Real Solutions

Geografx provides premier quality geographic data, professional mapping services and leading GIS software solutions. We offer a wide range of accurate postal code, addressing, neighborhood, demographic, telecommunication, business location, street network and topographic base map data, as well custom mapping, geospatial data analysis, terrain modeling and technical services. Businesses use GIS to gain better insight on their customers, markets, operations, networks and make more informed business and planning decisions.

Now entering its 28th year of operation, Geografx has clearly established itself in the GIS industry.  Since 1996, we have served clients across the spectrum of industries, working with new venture start-up firms, medium-size businesses and large companies and leading international corporations in Canada, United States, United Kingdom, Europe and Australia. Our long-standing success and reputation have been built on principles of integrity, efficient work processes, quality results and reliable professional service.

We enjoy helping clients with their business information, optimization, plans, projects, commercial web applications and seeking best available and best fit solutions for them.  Mapping applications are diverse and ever evolving.  Our decades of experience working with a wide range of businesses and extensive partner network gives us a myriad of solutions, support and options that can add value to any project.

If you have a custom map or data development request, or do not find the mapping information you are looking for, allow us to reach out with our network of partners and seek a solution for you.


Please inquire with us for more information, using the contact form below.

  • Major Retail, Location and Facility Planning

  • National Banking and Financial Services

  • Insurance, Actuarial, Risk Management

  • Travel, Hospitality and Tourism

  • University and Educational Institutions

  • Funeral, Cemetery and Memorial Services

  • Regional Health Organizations and Hospitals

  • Geomatics and GIS Firms

  • Postal Distribution, Direct and Target Mail

  • National Breweries and Provincial Liquor Boards

  • Convention Planning, Hotel and Casino

  • Major and Minor Airport Authority Planning

  • Publishing, Newspaper and Advertising

  • Municipal, Provincial and Federal Government

  • Geo Tracking and Geo Fencing Developers

  • Police Services, Military and Homeland Security

  • Aboriginal Lands / Service Planning

  • QSR, New Franchise Planning

  • Market Research and Demographic Analysis

  • Telecommunication Planning / Network Testing

  • Manufacturing and Product Distribution

  • Real Estate, Property and Land Development

  • Mining, Exploration and Prospecting

  • Wind Energy and Utility Corridor Planning

  • National Railway and Commuter Line

  • Industrial Supplies and Safety Equipment

  • Live Entertainment and Ticket Promotions

  • Major Sport Organization and Sporting Events

  • Legal and Law Firms

  • Fleet and Transportation

  • Agricultural Planning

  • Civil and Environmental Engineering

  • Web App Development and IT / Software

  • Mobile Media Advertising

  • Courier and Messenger Services

  • Public Fundraising and Charity Campaigns

  • Custom Digital Map Production

  • Geocoding Services, Addressed Data

  • Client Location, Customer Data Plots

  • Postal Data, Zip Codes, Post Codes, FSA Maps

  • GIS / Map Data & Software Provision

  • Streets, Roads, Highway Vector Data

  • Census, Statistical & Demographic Analysis

  • Population Projections, Household Income

  • Store Location, Site Selection & Proximity Analysis

  • QSR, Fast Food Restaurant, Franchise Maps

  • Trade Area and Sales Territory Allocation

  • Trend Analysis, Target Market and Market Share

  • Business Location, B2B, Network & Facility Mapping

  • Insurance Risk Assessment / Flood Risk Map

  • Financial Wealth, Share of Market Wallet

  • Real Estate, Commercial Property Mapping

  • Neighbourhood & Community Boundary Mapping

  • Health Care Provision, Clinical Service Mapping

  • Where are we, Multi-Media, Internet Maps

  • Tourism, Travel Itinerary Mapping

  • Event Mapping, Recreation Trails, Marathons

  • Utility, Wind Energy, Turbine, Network Mapping

  • Telco, Exchange/Wire Center, NPA/NXX

  • Rate Center, CLEC, LEC Maps and Data

  • Advertising, Brochure, Corporate Report Maps

  • 3D Cartoon Tourist Maps and Guide Maps

  • Delivery, Service Area, Supply Maps

  • GPS / Topographical Plots

  • Topographic Base Map and Terrain Mapping

  • Elevation, Grid, Spot Height, 3D Modelling

  • Satellite, Aerial Imagery

  • Park, Recreation, Conservation Area Maps

  • Logistic, Route Optimization

  • MapInfo Professional and PCensus Training

Experienced, Connected, Reliable



We are skilled, knowledgeable, experienced and well established providing custom digital maps, geo-spatial analysis and GIS solutions for over 28 years.

Our decades of experience and range of expertise working across a variety of industry sectors with new venture start-up firms, medium-size business, large leading and international corporations can add value to any project.


We offer both customized solutions as well out of the box data solutions.


We are driven, steadfast and hardworking to achieve the goals and satisfy the project needs of the client.


 We offer on-site services to ensure proper data integration, visualization, use and practical application of GIS.

We have developed a great reputation with our clients for our high-quality map production, attention to detail as well ensuring efficient turnaround of services.



​We are partnered and work with many of the top leading GIS data and software providers. Our business partner network allows us to offer best-in-market, up-to-date, accurate data and software solutions.


Our partnerships, affiliations and network of suppliers, enable us to be a one-stop solutions provider for many requests.

We have assisted an wide spectrum of businesses, providing the best available geo-spatial data information, enabling companies to make informed decisions on their customers, markets, business operation and planning needs.


We negotiate rates towards client budgets and project-specific requirements.


Our main goal is satisfying our clients.  We enjoy helping clients with their business needs and providing best fit solutions for their projects.


We are personable and flexible for on call services.


We deliver results when you need them, on budget, on schedule, as expected, as promised.


We honor our negotiated pricing terms, quotations and purchase orders.  We do not incorporate any hidden or alter fees after orders are made.  


Geografx enhances 'typical' digital map productions with design tools of graphical illustration applications, to provide a complete and creative service.

We are committed to our clients, provide reliable customer service and ensure high-quality professional maps and solutions.

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Premier quality geographic data, professional mapping services and leading GIS software solutions.


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