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Postal Data

6-Digit Postal Code Boundaries for Canada
6-Digit Postal Code Points for Canada
FSA Boundaries for Canada
5-Digit ZIP Code Boundaries for the US
9-Digit Zip+4 Code Points for the US
Postcodes Points for UK 2018

Neighbourhood Boundaries

Neighbourhood Boundaries for Canada, Major Markets 2019

Demographic Data

Estimates & Projections Canada
Canadian Census Population, Income, Demographics
Estimates and Projections
Estimates & Projections: Consumer Vitality
Census Population & Dwelling Counts
Census Canada 2011
Daytime Population 2019 for Canada
Canadian Wealth
Disposable & Discretionary Income / DDI
Canada Expenditure Potentials / CanEx
Food Expenditure Potential / FoodEx
Traffic Metrix


Business Data

Business Points Canada 2019
Canadian Business Point Locations
Business Points United States 2019
Canadian Business Summary 2019
Financial Institutions File / FIF Canada
Canada Shopping Centres 2019
Storebase Canada 2019
General Merchandise Stores Canada
Canada Retail Summary 2019

Telco Data

RateCenterInfo™ United States 2019
RateCenterInfo™ Canada 2019
ExchangeInfo Plus™ for the US
ExchangeInfo Plus™ Canada
LATAInfo™ for the US and Canada 2019
AreaCodeInfo™ for the US and Canada

Base Map / Topographic Data

GeoStreets® for Canada 2019
GeoRoads® for the US 2019
Canada Administrative Areas and Points
Ontario Base Map / OBM Data
National Topographic Database / NTDB
ADC Worldmap
3D Tourist Maps

GIS Software

MapInfo Professional
PCensus Analyst

GIS Overview


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