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Postal Data
Demographic Data
Neighbourhood Boundaries
Business Data
Telecommunication Data
Base Mapping / Topographic Data
GIS Software

Custom Map Development / GIS Services

Custom Map / GIS Services

Postal Data

6-Digit Postal Code Boundaries for Canada
6-Digit Postal Code Points for Canada
FSA Boundaries for Canada
5-Digit ZIP Code Boundaries for the US
9-Digit Zip+4 Code Points for the US
Postcodes Points for UK 2018

Demographic Data

Estimates & Projections Canada
Canadian Census Population, Income, Demographics
Estimates and Projections
Estimates & Projections: Consumer Vitality
Census Population & Dwelling Counts
Census Canada 2011
Daytime Population 2022 for Canada
Canadian Wealth
Disposable & Discretionary Income / DDI
Canada Expenditure Potentials / CanEx
Food Expenditure Potential / FoodEx
Traffic Metrix


Neighbourhood Boundaries

Neighbourhood Boundaries for Canada 2022, Major Markets

Business Data

Business Points Canada 2022
Canadian Business Point Locations
Business Points United States 2021
Canadian Business Summary 2021
Financial Institutions File / FIF Canada
Canada Shopping Centres 2022
Storebase Canada 2022
General Merchandise Stores Canada
Canada Retail Summary 2022

Telco Data

RateCenterInfo™ United States 2022
RateCenterInfo™ Canada 2022
ExchangeInfo Plus™ for the US
ExchangeInfo Plus™ Canada
LATAInfo™ for the US and Canada 2022
AreaCodeInfo™ for the US and Canada

Base Map / Topographic Data

GeoStreets® for Canada 2022
GeoRoads® for the US 2022
Canada Administrative Areas and Points
Ontario Base Map / OBM Data
National Topographic Database / NTDB
ADC Worldmap
3D Tourist Maps

GIS Software

MapInfo Professional
PCensus Analyst

AlignMix Sales Territory Mapping Software

GIS Overview


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