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What is GIS?

Geographic Information System

(Acronym: GIS)

GIS is a decision-making, data management, geographic mapping and spatial analysis application.  GIS enables users to incorporate there information, visualize, reveal and gain a better understanding of the spatial context, geographic relationships, patterns and trends of their data on a real world map.

In addition to the ability to display information and producing maps, GIS programs contain cartographic drawing tools, geocoding utilities, layering functionality, advanced database querying capabilities, spatial analytic tools, as well allow users to perform dynamic and dimensional modelling of their data and proposed scenarios on a real world map.

GIS is a valuable asset and powerful tool for any business, organization, industry or operation.  Almost every business or organization has geographic component to it or operational interest, which can be mapped and further analyzed.

By placing locations, addresses, administrative areas, coordinates, clients, competitors, households, properties, parcel fabric, postal information, businesses, sites, occurrences, areas of risk, current situation data, target markets, customer sales data, service areas, transportation routes, utilities, grids, environmental, topographic features or any preferred data accurately on a map,


GIS will allow users to effectively deal with issues such as productivity, demographics, site selection, demand analysis, service management, purchasing behaviours, conservation, risk management, planning of operations, market performance, target marketing, real estate development, environmental analysis, fundraising, economic forecasting, facility management, customer service, network optimization, product development, retail marketing, industrial planning, commercial development, traffic management, routing, logistics, dispatch, recreation use or urban studies.

The use of GIS applications are reshaping and widely adopted in the business world. Companies incorporate GIS and digital mapping solutions to visualize, gain better insight, optimize and make informed decisions to enhance operations, and in many ways re-think the way they do business.

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